We Help DTC Brands
Scale with Paid Ads and PPC Management

We help grow established eCommerce brands currently doing $40k+ per month in revenue
past 6 and 7 figures with Paid Ads.

Results that speak for themselves

Check out some of the recent results from Paid Ads

Physical Product

I used my Google Ads framework to scale this brand from zero to BRL 4.34 million in revenue with a ROAS of 420%.

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Average ROAS


We added BRL 5.45 million in revenue for this eCommerce and accelerated the results obtained in other acquisition channels, with an average ROAS of 445% coming from Google Ads.

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Why choose matheuscaetano.com?

matheuscaetano.com is a company specialized in Paid Ads and digital performance. We are a small team and have been involved in internet business and online marketing since the early days of 2016. We have started and helped companies over the years, bringing vast business knowledge and online marketing experience that we use as partners with clients to achieve the greatest possible result from your online advertising efforts.

Clients choose to work with us because of our obsessive attitude towards optimizing ad account performance, bringing disruptive campaigns and optimizing landing pages for maximum results. Customers also find comfort in knowing and having direct access to exactly who is running their ad accounts. Many other paid media companies outsource manpower, lack transparency, and don’t provide conversion rate optimization.

 You know exactly who is running your campaigns, and you know that both your campaign and your website are optimized for the success of your business.

Our Paid Media and Digital Performance services


Paid Ads and PPC Management

Achieve maximum ROI with professional Paid Ads management, reach new customers and explore different acquisition channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization

An essential key to your business success is driving Paid Ads to a dedicated landing page and conversion-focused sales funnels.

Landing Pages and eCommerce Development

Need a qualified and reliable company to handle your web development needs?


Our Paid Ads and Digital Performance services are designed to create predictable ROI.

Success in Paid Ads marketing comes from detailed audits, competitor research, campaign structure best practices, continuous monitoring and optimizations.


Analyze existing assets and create a game plan


Immerse yourself in your business and your competitors

Launch and Run

Run and optimize newly created campaigns

Monitor and Report

Continuous optimizations and monthly reports

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Billing added to top customers

Some of the Paid Ads and Digital Performance technologies we use

We utilize a range of state-of-the-art marketing technologies that help us deliver the best possible results for our clients.



Paid Ads and PPC Management

FROM $997/month

Our Paid Ads management pricing starts at $997 per month and can increase based on the spend and work associated with your campaign. This price is our fee to manage and perform ongoing optimizations on your Paid Ads campaign. It includes the creation, management, continuous optimization and added value of your Paid Ads campaigns. For accounts that spend a large amount of money on advertising each month, our fees are typically less than 10% of their ad spend. It’s important to note that this cost does not include advertising dollars to run paid ads on search engines or social platforms. You’ll have a Certified Google Ads Partner, an experienced Traffic Manager who manages your account and reports results every month. It’s not uncommon for an investment in our Google Ads management service to pay for itself every month in just the savings of wasted clicks, not to mention additional revenue from targeting the right keywords and improving your conversion rates.

Investment in Paid Media


You must have a monthly advertising budget if you want to run paid advertisements online. This is paid directly to Google or whatever platform your ads are running on. We recommend spending at least $3,000 ($100/day) on any paid advertising campaign to get enough traffic to get results and provide us with enough data to make smart decisions. Typically, the more ad budget you have, the more results you’ll get.

Predictable Cost


Unlike most competitors who charge a fee of 15% to 30% on top of your revenue obtained through campaigns, we only charge the amount contracted for our excellent service and give you an investment forecast in paid media so that you are safe and know the amount you will spend, allowing you to keep “feet on the ground” and feel confident throughout the process. Contact us for a personalized proposal and we’ll determine what’s best for your business.

Adhesion Fee / Set Up

100% FREE

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge a setup fee to set up your ad campaign. However, sometimes custom landing pages and/or conversion rate optimization services are necessary to get the maximum results from your paid ads campaign; if these are deemed necessary, additional fees may apply. Contact us for a personalized proposal and we’ll determine what’s best for your campaign.

Customer Testimonials

"Matheus and his team have done an incredible job for us. They are always looking at the results and making adjustments to ensure our brand gets out there. We benefit greatly from adding them to our team."

Jason Maziarz

"I highly recommend Matheus. Matheus knows paid ads best practices and was able to plan and execute a profitable Google Ads campaign. More importantly, he really cared about our results and made sure we had a positive result."

Marilyn Smoke

"... Matheus Caetano's intuitive approach helped bring credibility to our corporate image and his online lead generation campaigns and landing pages were successful in bringing us targeted leads. They are proactive, interested and always open feedback from the other side. I recommend FULLPIXEL to any company looking to expand their web presence or expand their business."

Rafael Cifu, Founder

Ready to improve the Paid Media and Digital Performance of your business? Schedule an 30-min Session.

Frequently asked questions about our Paid Ads and Digital Performance services

We continuously optimize our customers’ accounts. This is a daily process at first, tapering off a few times a week as the campaign does well. We use keyword data, demographic data and historical performance data to optimize targeting and bidding on your ad accounts.

No. We do not have long-term contracts. We work month to month and help your business every day. You can cancel at any time up to 30 days in advance.

One of the best things about paid traffic and paid media and digital performance marketing is that you can see results within hours of launching your campaign.

We work on setting up your campaign, launch within a few days of signing up, and within hours of launching your ads will be live; on Google for the keywords we end up targeting, or on Facebook/Instagram for the audience we target. Then some of that targeted traffic will click on your ads and a certain percentage of that traffic will call your business or fill out a lead form and you’ll get results.

It’s important to know that while we can see some results within hours, it often takes months and sometimes even years to fully optimize an account and get it to have the lowest possible CPA as new data comes in.

Paid traffic is a continuous process of testing and optimizing, the campaigns, which are driven by our optimizations, absorb the information available in the market and improve their intelligence every minute, in short, the longer a campaign is active, the greater the result. and lower the cost.

As with all forms of advertising, no one can guarantee results in paid traffic and you should be very skeptical of any company that tells you they can. We can, of course, estimate the probability of success based on your current activity and competitive advantage in the market, but these are pro forma projections. We always set goals and KPIs early on based on our research, but we, and no one else, can guarantee results. Ensuring results would be predicting the future.

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